Horse Happy

Any day involving horses is a fantabulous day as far as I’m concerned. I hope that everyone in their life finds something that makes them this happy. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about these animals that is so awesome. Winston Churchill supposedly said,

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

I can’t verify that he actually said that, and I hope that by “man” he meant “humanity”, because certainly the outsides of horses are loved by many girls and women as well. In fact, the number of men I have encountered at my riding schools in three years, I could count on one hand. Either way, he was sure right.

Let me show you the source of my happiness today. There is a new horse at the riding school I attend. His name is Jerry. He is a stubborn, speedy Paint and I’ve only ridden him twice, but I am having so much fun with him. He is packed full of spunk, energy and a dash of sass. I seem to have an affinity for slightly pig-headed horses who like to go fast. Go figure.

I felt a connection with him, though. When I let him loose in the pasture he just stood next to me instead of wandering off to eat hay as they usually do. And just before I left, I grabbed my camera to take a shot. He walked right over to the fence to say hello. He’s just so darn lovable!




I also got to have lunch next to this today:




The Reversing Falls. I think the tide was going out. There was a sweet whirlpool.

I feel the need to document all of this, because I will be leaving it soon. Why is it that we tend not to truly appreciate what we have, until we lose it? Somehow things come more into focus when there is emotion attached. My hope is that document everything as it happens will help keep it real for me. And hopefully remind me of it all when I’m elderly.

As long as we still have Internet, and are not living in some sort of post-civilization dystopia.

Maybe I should print these pages.


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