Familiar faces, worn out places

I wanted to document my walk to work. I love walking to work in the morning. I hope that wherever I wind up in the future, I will continue to have this option. If not, I might have to do something very old-lady-like, such as get up extra early and go for a stroll before work. That may be an overly lofty goal for my bed-loving self, but those morning walks sure are scrumptious.

And the walk is an interesting one. Although Saint John is a small city, it is still more city than this little girl has ever known. It also has a lot of history. Most of the buildings date back to the 1870s; unfortunately, so does most of the infrastructure. What you end up with is a strange mix of beautiful old architecture and a lot of run down dwellings, abandoned buildings and saggy structures. Even the decrepitude has a certain beauty to it.

Little Birdie  DandelionsTreeTrash  BUDS

Signs of spring.

I felt it would be disingenuous to exclude the garbage. It’s alllll part of the ‘charm’! The little bird caught my attention with his calls…I think he might be a House Sparrow!

Gothic Arches  imperial

Trinity Church  King Square  

Some structures along the way; the Gothic Arches (currently abandoned),
the Imperial Theatre (recently restored), Trinity Church (ringing its bells) and
the Bandstand in King’s Square (also recently restored).

Cast Iron 1

Market Gate

There is some pretty cool cast iron around the city.



And finally, the City Market. I’ll miss this place the most of all in Saint John, I think.

Many a coffee, muffin and fresh fruit or vegetable has been purchased here.

I had intended to document the entire walk right up to the Museum entrance, but I ran into some old friends on my way through the market and got completely distracted. All three were people I knew in University, whom I hadn’t seen since we graduated (two from my undergrad and one from my B. Ed. program). None of these people live in the city, or even particularly nearby, so it was pleasantly surprising to bump into them.

There is something special about an unexpected reunion. You hear your name, turn around, and see a long-lost face you otherwise thought you may never have seen again. You feel that little bubble of excitement, like freshly poured champagne, and for a little while you are completely fine with tossing away whatever seemingly important obligations you had moments ago. You get to reconnect, just for a few moments; catch up on everything you each missed in the years between your last meeting. Then, you are both on your way again, with no notion of if or when you will meet again. A series of moments is all we ever really have with anyone in the end, isn’t it?

Since I’m a huge cheeseball, I often play myself a soundtrack in the back of my mind when I start waxing philosophical. Here’s today’s:



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