A blank page

A blank page is the most exhilarating and frustrating thing in the world. You can write whatever you want. But the question of what to write is overwhelming. You could write ANYTHING here. I could tell you about poodles, or prehistoric arthropods, or carnivorous plants.

Instead I will be entirely predictable and talk about myself. Don’t be surprised if prehistoric arthropods come up at some point, though.

So here it is. My virgin entry into a new blog. I cannot lie; it’s not my first blog. I have made a few others. I have a Tumblr, and an old blog about being in Japan.

What’s so different about this one? Nothing in particular. Just the everyday; the mundane.

I believe that great joy and beauty can be found in the mundane. Sometimes, it’s easy to get bogged down with life, its anxieties and all of the garbage it can throw at you. It’s easy to look around you some days and simply say “Well ,this is sh*t.” Over the years, I have been slowly training myself to look around and see that sh*t as fertilizer. Turn it into something positive. Recognize that yeah, sure that is sh*t, but nice things can use sh*t to grow.

I like to think about things, then turn them into words. If I can find particular words that put my brain into a better state, perhaps it is worthwhile to share those words.

With that goal in mind, I intend to frame this blog in such a way as to illustrate parts of my life I find illuminating, joy-filled, educational and happiness-inducing. And why not share that?

I also want to share my journey. This year, in September, I will be leaving the country of my birth to live with my loving husband in his motherland; Australia.

So here is a small photo essay which should pretty much cover everything you need to know about me.






Thanks for reading!


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